Faculty Development

ACCSC believes that quality on-going professional development of faculty is essential to institutional and student success. As such, ACCSC-OTC offers access to over forty third-party online training courses that are designed to enhance the teaching skills of both on-ground and online instructors. Participants who complete twelve ED or twelve EL courses will receive the Certified Higher Education Professional (CHEP) certification awarded by NASASPS. Institutions that provide training opportunities for their employees to earn and maintain the CHEP certification may display the appropriate Institutional Recognition Seals on their websites.

Instructional Planning & Design

Instructional Delivery & Assessment

Instructional Theories & Applications

Enhancing Student Retention

Managing the Class & Students

Modeling & Teaching Professionalism

Supporting Diverse Students

Teaching with Technology

Teaching with Practical Applications

Subject Specific Teaching Strategies

Online Teaching Strategies

EL101 - Designing and Developing Online CoursesEL102 - Online Teaching TechniquesEL103 - Teaching Online: A Student-Centered ApproachEL104 - Teaching and Organizing a Virtual Learning EnvironmentEL105 - Online Language: Communicating with StudentsEL106 - Evaluating Student Learning in Online CoursesEL107 - Designing Dynamic and Technology-Rich Learning EnvironmentsEL108 - Preparing Students to Become Good Online LearnersEL109 - Using Rubrics to Enhance Online LearningEL110 - Effective Use of Social Media in Online CoursesEL111 - Assistive Technologies for the Online LearnerEL112 - Workload Management Strategies for Teaching OnlineEL113 - Active Learning in an Online EnvironmentEL114 - Respecting Copyrights and Leveraging Available ResourcesEL115 - Gaming and Simulation in Online LearningEL116 - The Asynchronous, Self-Directed Learning ModelEL201 - Online Communication: Engaging and Retaining Online Learners