Faculty Development

ACCSC believes that quality on-going professional development of faculty is essential to institutional and student success. As such, ACCSC-OTC offers access to over 60 MaxKnowledge online training courses that are designed to enhance the teaching skills of both on-ground and online instructors.

Instructional Planning & Design

Instructional Delivery & Assessment

Instructional Theories & Applications

Enhancing Student Retention

Managing the Class & Students

Modeling & Teaching Professionalism

Supporting Diverse Students

Teaching with Technology

Teaching with Practical Applications

Subject Specific Teaching Strategies

Online Teaching Strategies

EL101 - Designing and Developing Online CoursesEL102 - Online Teaching TechniquesEL103 - Teaching Online: A Student-Centered ApproachEL104 - Teaching and Organizing a Virtual Learning EnvironmentEL105 - Online Language: Communicating with StudentsEL106 - Evaluating Student Learning in Online CoursesEL107 - Designing Dynamic and Technology-Rich Learning EnvironmentsEL108 - Preparing Students to Become Good Online LearnersEL109 - Using Rubrics to Enhance Online LearningEL110 - Effective Use of Social Media in Online CoursesEL111 - Assistive Technologies for the Online LearnerEL112 - Workload Management Strategies for Teaching OnlineEL113 - Active Learning in an Online EnvironmentEL114 - Respecting Copyrights and Leveraging Available ResourcesEL115 - Gaming and Simulation in Online LearningEL116 - The Asynchronous, Self-Directed Learning ModelEL117 - Understanding Online Instructors’ and Learners’ Personality TraitsEL118 - Using Various “Realities” in Online CoursesEL201 - Online Communication: Engaging and Retaining Online Learners