Broaden your employees' knowledge and understanding of ACCSC Standards of Accreditation through an assessment-driven certification program. Your CAP certified employees will be better equipped to apply the Standards, document compliance, and provide guidance to other employees, thereby furthering your school’s mission of offering quality career education. Learn More >

Earn programmatic certification through a voluntary, standards-based process formally recognizing career education programs of accredited institutions that effectively embed the development and practice of essential workforce skills necessary for student career success. Learn More >

ACCSC110 Preparing for EWS Programmatic Certification

Accreditation Training

Stay in compliance. These interactive courses cover a myriad of compliance elements required by ACCSC Standards of Accreditation. Each course is self-paced and takes about 4 hours to complete.

Faculty Training

Meet ACCSC faculty development requirements. ACCSC-OTC offers just-in-time training for new faculty and a wide variety of training courses for ongoing development of campus and online faculty.

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Training Courses

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Skills to Careers Initiative

Supporting Skills-Based Education and Hiring

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Empower your students and graduates to make their skills visible and verifiable while automatically matching them to jobs based on their skills.

This initiative provides a FREE version of CareerPrepped's Talent Developer account to our member schools.

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