Broaden your employees’ knowledge and understanding of ACCSC Standards of Accreditation through an assessment-driven certification program.

Accreditation Training

Stay in compliance. These interactive courses cover a myriad of compliance elements required by ACCSC Standards of Accreditation. Each course is self-paced and takes about 4 hours to complete.

Help your students build, prove and showcase the essential workforce skills employers want. Provide lifelong career support and engage alumni in a continuous improvement process.

Faculty Training

Meet ACCSC faculty development requirements. ACCSC-OTC provides just-in-time training for newly hired faculty and offers a wide variety of training courses for ongoing development of campus and online faculty.

Training Courses

Free Professional Development Resources

Subsidized Student-Centric Resource

Increase job placement outcomes by supplying career-ready talent to employers with proven skills.

CareerPrepped is a self-help and mobile-friendly career success system that you can offer to your students and grads to help them land their dream job.